Golfing Legends Converge, MKO 2024 Roars To Life

A group photo of the golfers at the park after the morning Game drive

The Magical Kenya Open 2024 Unveiled

Nairobi, Thursday, February 22nd, 2024In an unprecedented move, players and teams participating in the Magical Kenya Open (MKO) scheduled for 22nd To 25th February 2024, embarked on a thrilling safari adventure within the heart of Nairobi, at the iconic Nairobi National Park, courtesy of the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB).

The excursion was part of a strategy to leverage the international events and the appeal of the sports personalities with global appeal

A Safari Like No Other: The MKO participants had the privilege of witnessing Nairobi’s breathtaking natural attractions up close as KTB’s CEO, John Chirchir, expressed his delight at showcasing Nairobi’s natural beauty to a global audience. “This safari experience,” he stated, “is a testament to Kenya’s commitment to sports tourism and our unique appeal.”

Lachlan Wood’s Delight: Australian G4D golfer Lachlan Wood was all smiles during the game drive. He praised both the challenging golf course and Nairobi’s warm weather. “Playing golf amidst such breathtaking scenery is a dream come true,” Wood shared. His sentiments echoing those of players from around the world who are equally captivated by Nairobi’s allure.

Golfers enjoying a morning game drive at the National Park ahead of the Magical Kenya Open

Nairobi, A Rising Star: “Last year, Lonely Planet bestowed upon Nairobi the honor of being one of the world’s top cities to visit. With the MKO in full swing, Nairobi’s star continues to ascend. The fusion of golfing excellence, Kenyan culture, and the city’s natural wonders makes this tournament an unmissable spectacle.” Noted the CEO.

144 Golfers, Countless Memories: The 2024 MKO boasts a field of 144 golfers, each vying for victory. Among them are participants in the first-ever Golf for Disabled Tournament. After England’s Kipp Popert clinched the title last year, expectations are sky-high. Get ready for thrilling swings, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments.

The tournament which commenced on Thursday, February 22nd and ends on Sunday, 25th 2024 is an exciting one to watch. Whether you’re a golf enthusiast or simply seeking adventure, the MKO promises an immersive blend of sport and exploration. Don’t miss out on this magical event!

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