Go Places Sharing Moments : A Gathering of Friends And Flavors At SKAL's August Luncheon

Setting the Stage: An Ambiance of Togetherness As members, colleagues, and friends gathered beneath the welcoming roof of Hilton Garden Inn, the atmosphere buzzed with an air of anticipation. The luncheon was not merely a meal; it was an opportunity for like-minded individuals to come together, share stories, and forge new connections. Raising a Glass: The SKAL Toast Amidst the clinking of glasses, the ceremonial SKAL toast resonated through the room, a symbol of unity and shared values. Led by prominent figures, this toast encapsulated the essence of SKAL – a global network of tourism professionals who understand the significance of camaraderie and collaboration. Hospitality, Redefined: Hilton Garden Inn’s Triumph The star of the event was undoubtedly Hilton Garden Inn’s management and team. Their remarkable display of hospitality, combined with their culinary prowess, elevated the luncheon to an unforgettable experience. The team’s dedication was evident in every detail, from the warm welcomes to the meticulous arrangement of the event. Beyond the Luncheon: Nurturing Bonds Beyond the sumptuous spread, the luncheon acted as a bridge for connections. It facilitated networking among attendees, fostering relationships that extend beyond business and into the realm of friendships. A Journey Beyond Luncheon: Sharing the Experience Our “Go Places Sharing Moments” feature invites you to relive the spirit of the SKAL August Monthly Luncheon. This event was more than an afternoon; it was a chapter in the book of shared experiences. Through our feature, we bring you closer to the heart of the occasion – the laughter, the conversations, and the genuine bonds formed. As we raise our glasses to the successful conclusion of yet another SKAL event, join us in cherishing the connections that were made, the memories that were woven, and the hospitality that was embraced. Stay connected with us as we continue to share the essence of SKAL and the joy of human connections in every endeavor.  

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We are the Kenya chapter of a professional organization of tourism leaders, promoting global tourism and friendship. It is the only international group uniting all branches of the travel and tourism industry. Its members, the industry’s managers and executives meet at local, national, regional and international levels to discuss and pursue topics of common interest. The first Club was founded in 1932 in Paris by travel managers, following an educational tour of Scandinavia. The idea of international goodwill and friendship grew and, in 1934, the “Association Internationale des Skal Clubs” was formed with Florimond Volckaert as its first President, who is considered the “Father of Skal”. In Kenya, the first club was founded in XYZ. Skal International today has approximately 15,000 members in 400 Clubs throughout 80 nations. Most activities occur at the local level, moving up through National Committees, under the umbrella of Skal International, headquartered at the General Secretariat in Torremolinos, Spain. The Kenya chapter boasts of 123 members in Nairobi and 456 members at the Coast. Skal International is governed by an Executive Committee of six members, elected by delegates to an annual General Assembly, held during the World Congress, hosted by a different country each year. This allows members first-hand observation of the travel and tourism potential around the world. ]]>

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Sharing is caring. :)

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