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Computerized Eye Testing

‘’Computerisation’’ seems to be the magic word these days-and rightly so! What role does it play in optometry though? We often hear of ‘’free computerised eye testing’’. What does this mean and to what extent can it really be used?

Computerised eye-testing has been developed to assist a qualified optometrist. It produces a result that should merely be used as a base for further examination. It CANNOT be used as a prescription for dispensing spectacles – No matter how ‘’latest’’ the equipment is!

Therefore, be cautious…… if the person examining your eyes is not qualified, the computer is not really guaranteed to provide the correct result.

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EYERIS – Qualified Optometrists Carrying Out A Computerized Eye Test

To obtain an accurate correction of your visual problem, a thorough follow-up eye examination by a qualified optometrist has to be performed. Only then can you be assured that all aspects of your visual defects are detected and appropriately corrected.

EYERIS – Qualified Optometrists Carrying Out A Thorough Eye Examination

The professional will also be able to find any deformation of the cornea, check your colour perception, any weakness of the eye muscles, detect cataracts and any abnormalities on the retina. The appropriate advice can then be communicated to the patient.

EYERIS – Specialists in Children’s Eye Examination

Start having your children’s eyes examined at an early age (usually by the age of three years unless earlier intervention is required due to problems existing at birth) and have them checked routinely every six months.

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Eyeris The Optometrists

EYERIS always aims at exceeding expectations. When you become a patient of this practice, the health of your eyes will be their first concern, the second being to get the best possible visual performance for all your lifestyle needs.

Meet The Team

With a team of optometrists and dispensing opticians who specialize in visual correction and thorough care of the eyes, Eyeris has the latest techniques and equipment used in examining and safeguarding one’s sight.

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Vision and Style being their driving words, EYERIS is committed to setting a standard of excellence. The practice prides itself with the latest advances in eye health care practices having an array of the most up-to-date vision care technology.

Some of the services and products include routine eye examinations for persons of all ages; thorough retinal examination using advanced technology; dispensing of spectacles by professionals who will advise you on the choice of the frame with comfort and cosmesis in mind; designer and budget eyewear; contact lens fitting, including specialized lenses for astigmatism and keratoconus and low visual aids.

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