From Vision To Reality: Sarit Centre’s Journey As East And Central Africa’s First Enclosed Mall

Sarit Centre: Pioneering Transformations in Retail and Technology

The Sarit Centre, founded by the late Bachubhai Shah and the late Manekbhai Rughani, commemorated its remarkable 40-year journey with a grand Gala at the Sarit Expo Centre. Established in 1983, Sarit Centre holds the distinction of being the first enclosed shopping mall in East and Central Africa, forever changing the retail landscape of the region. With its extensive range of products and services catering to both local and international shoppers, Sarit Centre has become a vibrant hub of commerce and a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit.

Addressing the esteemed guests at the Gala, Sarit Shah, the CEO of Sarit Centre, reflected upon the evolution of this retail landmark. The initial phases of development, known as Phases 1 and 2, resulted in a total built-up space of approximately 360,000 sq. ft. However, it was Phase 3 that truly revolutionized the mall, introducing an additional 600,000 sq. ft. and expanding the total built-up area to over 1.1 million sq. ft. This expansion also brought forth the Sarit Expo Centre, the largest of its kind both within a mall and in the entire region. Notably, a rooftop garden was later incorporated to enhance the overall experience, providing an oasis for the mall’s various food and beverage outlets.

One of Sarit Centre’s standout achievements has been its provision of over 950 parking spaces, a significant feat for any mall. These facilities have contributed greatly to the centre’s success, making it a favoured destination for shoppers throughout the years. Sarit Centre has not only weathered numerous challenges, including political upheavals and the recent global pandemic, but it has also embraced innovation and progress.

As a testament to this commitment, Sarit Centre is set to launch the Digital Loyalty app and Parking Apps in June, exemplifying its embrace of technology to enhance the shopping experience. From its inception, the mall has been a trailblazer, introducing the concept of an enclosed shopping mall to the region and pioneering various initiatives such as a hypermarket, Christmas decorations with shopper prizes, customer loyalty programs, gift vouchers, paid parking, and an exhibition hall.

Sarit Shah expressed gratitude to all stakeholders, from shoppers and the 280 tenants to the individuals who have contributed to the enduring success of Sarit Centre. Over four decades, Sarit Centre has transformed from a mere mall into a city within itself, offering a comprehensive array of services ranging from banking, fashion, electronics, entertainment, and groceries to health services. It remains an unrivalled destination, a place where you can find everything you need—a testament to the vision and determination of its founders and the unwavering support of its patrons. Here’s to 40 years of retail excellence, and many more to come in Your City, Sarit Centre.


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