Fashion Extravaganza, Highlights From Tribal Chic 2024


Nairobi’s Most Anticipated Fashion Extravaganza, Tribal Chic 2024 Celebrates African Royalty

The glamourous Tribal Chic fashion show, hosted by Tribe Hotel, once again took center stage in Nairobi’s vibrant cultural scene. Known for its unique architecture and inspiring interiors, Tribe Hotel perfectly mirrors the essence of Nairobi as a hip, dazzling, sophisticated, and creative city.

This year, Tribal Chic transcended mere fashion to become a cultural celebration of African Royalty. The event showcased the rich tapestry of African artistry, history, culture, and communities, all set against the backdrop of Tribe Hotel’s iconic ambiance.

Partnering with the British Council Kenya, Tribal Chic 2024 aimed to uplift emerging fashion enterprises and provide a platform for young designers to shine. Through the Creative DNA program, the British Council nurtured local talent, emphasizing both creative expertise and business acumen.

The runway dazzled with designs from seven promising fashion designers who underwent training as part of the Creative DNA fashion accelerator program. From Okana to Itikadi, Reinas Gowns to Aert Fash Ankole Luxury, each showcased their unique interpretation of African Royalty through their collections.

The evening was not just about fashion; it was a sensory experience. Attendees indulged in a sumptuous array of canapés and desserts while exploring the pop-up fashion market. The afterparty at Hero Bar and Restaurant kept the energy alive well into the night.

Special thanks were extended to the event’s key figures, including the master of ceremonies Angela Wambui, founder Shamim Ehsani, and show producer Silvia Tuoni. From the executive chef Mohamed Yakat to the choreographer Paynette Nyawara, every detail was meticulously curated to create a truly unforgettable event.

The presence of industry luminaries, fashionistas, and media personalities added to the allure of the evening, cementing Tribal Chic’s status as the pinnacle of Nairobi’s fashion calendar. Indeed, Tribal Chic 2024 was more than just a fashion show; it was a testament to the vibrancy and creativity of Africa’s fashion industry.

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