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An Enchanting Week Of Experiences, Our Editor’s Note

Welcome to another exciting edition of Go Places Digital, where we bring you the latest updates and insights across various categories. This week, we’ve curated an eclectic mix of content to cater to all your interests and preferences.

Travel Category

In our travel section, we’ve highlighted some prominent players in the aviation industry, including Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airlines. Additionally, we’ve delved into destinations and hospitality offerings, featuring Kendwa Rocks, Nasikia Camps, Fly ALS, Fairview, and Wellworth. These articles provide valuable insights into travel experiences and accommodation options for your next adventure.

Wine and Dine

Indulge your culinary cravings with our wine and dine category, where we showcase establishments such as Sarova Stanley, Sarova Panafric, Non Solo Gelato, and Rozinas. From delectable dishes to delightful desserts, these venues offer a feast for the senses, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

Entertainment Segment

 Explore the vibrant entertainment scene with our coverage of Mega Kisumu and Century Cinemax outlets. Whether you’re in the mood for a blockbuster movie or live music performance, these venues promise an unforgettable time. We also share highlights from recent events hosted by DSTV, the Jordan Embassy, KTB, and KTDA, offering glimpses into exciting cultural and social gatherings.

Upcoming Events

 Stay informed about upcoming events and industry summits with our comprehensive coverage of The 2nd Regional Hospitality Summit, PROPAK, Kilifair, AHIF 2024, and Avia Dev 2024. These events provide valuable networking opportunities and insights into the latest trends shaping various sectors.

Hospitality and Lifestyle

 Discover the latest offerings in hospitality and lifestyle, featuring Fragrance Lounge and EAGM Group. From exquisite fragrances to innovative business solutions, these articles highlight the diverse range of experiences available in the market.

Weekly Articles

 Don’t miss our regular features on Business, Lifestyle, Technology, Upcoming Events, Go Places Digital Marketing, Book Review, and the Cocktail Of The Week. These articles provide valuable insights and recommendations to enhance your daily life and stay ahead of the curve.

We hope you enjoy this week’s edition of Go Places Digital. Stay tuned for more exciting content in the weeks to come!

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