Exploring The AirKenya Mara-Entebbe Route


Embarking on an adventure with AirKenya from the magnificent Masai Mara to explore the breath- taking safari destinations of Uganda, is a remarkable experience that takes you through beautiful landscapes and an extraordinary seamless travel.

Your journey begins at one of the airstrips in the Masai Mara, where AirKenya operates daily flights. The anticipation builds as you board the aircraft and settle into your seat, knowing that you’re about to witness spectacular aerial views of the diverse landscapes that lie ahead.

As the aircraft takes off, you’re immediately greeted with astounding vistas. The vast savannah stretches out beneath you, showcasing the untamed beauty of the Masai Mara. The pilot skillfully maneuvers the aircraft, allowing passengers to admire the herds of wildlife, winding rivers, and the iconic acacia trees dotting the landscape. From above, you can truly appreciate the immensity and grandeur of this remarkable ecosystem.

After a captivating flight, the aircraft descends towards Kisumu, a vibrant city nestled along the shores of Lake Victoria. Upon landing, you disembark from the plane and proceed to the customs and immigration control area. Helpful officials efficiently handle the necessary checks to ensure a smooth transition. AirKenya has a team of ground staff lead by Carole, the Station Manager to assist you throughout the process.

Back on the plane, you settle into your seat, ready for the second leg of this extraordinary journey. The aircraft takes off from Kisumu, and as you ascend, you’re treated to yet another round of breathtaking aerial views. From the shimmering waters of Lake Victoria to the lush green landscapes below, the beauty of East Africa unfolds before your eyes.

During your journey, enjoy our various inflight amenities that include the captivating inflight magazine Ndege News, mineral water, a choice of chicken or vegetable sandwich and refreshing mint sweets.

As the aircraft descends towards Entebbe, you catch glimpses of the sparkling waters of Lake Victoria and the bustling cityscape that lies ahead. The plane glides smoothly onto the runway, at Entebbe International Airport marking the end of a truly remarkable journey. Disembarking from the aircraft, you’re filled with a sense of awe at the wonders you’ve witnessed, and the seamless travel experience provided by AirKenya.

At Entebbe International Airport, you are greeted by the friendly staff from AeroLink, the AirKenya subsidiary in Uganda, who assist you to connect to one of the many wonderful safari destinations in Uganda, such as Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls and Kidepo.

The AirKenya Mara-Entebbe route offers an exceptional journey, showcasing the natural wonders of East Africa while providing seamless connections. This route allows travelers to effortlessly experience the region’s diverse landscapes and wildlife. From the scenic flight over the Masai Mara to the convenient stop at Kisumu for customs and border checks, and flight connection to Uganda’s spectacular safari circuit, this route allows travelers to effortlessly experience the region’s diverse landscapes and wildlife.


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