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Editor’s Note, Unveiling Excellence Across Categories

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Go Places Digital blog! We are thrilled to bring you a diverse array of features, each carefully curated to inspire, inform, and entertain. Here’s a detailed look at what we have in store for you.

We kick off with the unveiling of our newest gem, Amazonia Restaurant. This exciting addition promises a culinary journey like no other, blending exotic flavors with exquisite ambiance. Amazonia is set to become a favorite for both locals and visitors, offering an unparalleled dining experience that celebrates the richness of international cuisine.

In our travel category, we journey through some of the most captivating destinations and luxurious accommodations. Elephant Lodge offers a unique experience in the wild, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. Watano House provides a serene retreat, perfect for those seeking peace and tranquility. Ocean Paradise Resort is where the ocean meets ultimate luxury, making it an ideal getaway. Kendwa Rocks presents a beachfront haven for those who love the sea. Fly ALS takes you to new heights with exceptional flight services. Wellworth is synonymous with excellence in hospitality, while Nasikia Camps deliver unparalleled safari experiences. Additionally, Ethiopian Airlines has launched new upgrade in Economy while also looking their Cloud Nine experience, that enhances the travel experience for all passengers. We also had Hanspaul Automechs that give amazing insights as well. Zereniti House also offers a serene getaway for all MICE related functions.

Our wine and dine category is a feast for the senses. The Crab Shack in Watamu is a seafood lover’s paradise, offering fresh and delectable dishes. Sarova Imperial is the epitome of elegance and exquisite dining. Thai Chi by Sarova brings the authentic flavors of Thailand to your table. Sarova Panafric hosts Barbecue Fridays and Jazzy Thursdays, adding a delightful twist to your dining experience with live music and great food.

In entertainment, we’ve got you covered with the latest hotspots. Mega Kisumu is your go-to entertainment hub in Kisumu, offering a variety of activities for all ages. Century Cinemax provides the ultimate movie experience at Garden City, Sarit Centre, and Two Rivers Mall, showing the latest blockbusters in state-of-the-art theaters.

Stay ahead with our comprehensive guide to upcoming events. The Kenyan Food Event (KFE) 2024, Kilifair 2024, AHIF 2024, Avia Dev 2024, and Essence of Africa 2024 are all set to be major highlights, bringing together industry leaders and enthusiasts for networking, learning, and celebrating the best in their fields.

We also share moments from our courtesy visits, highlighting our strong relationships and ongoing collaborations. Our visit to the Thai Embassy was a step towards strengthening cultural and business ties. Meanwhile, our meeting with the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) celebrated our achievements in tourism promotion and reaffirmed our commitment to working together to showcase Kenya’s beauty to the world.

Finally, dive into our regular sections, beginning with our Upcoming Events. Our Business articles provide the latest trends and insights. Lifestyle tips and inspiration help you live better.The  Technology feature covered the innovations and advancements shaping our world. Our Book Review section highlights this week’s must-read literature. EyeContentKE offers creative and impactful content solutions. And Go Places Digital Marketing shares strategies to elevate your digital presence.

We hope you enjoy this week’s edition and find inspiration in every category. Thank you for being a part of the Go Places community. Let’s continue to explore, discover, and celebrate the best that life has to offer.

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