Experience The Finest Desserts In Town Today At Ocean Basket

Amazing Desserts At The Ocean Basket You Need To Try

Come & dine at Ocean Basket and indulge in our mouth-watering desserts.


Enjoy Our Mouth Watering Desserts At Ocean Basket

Berry Cheesecake & Baklava Cheese Cake


Mellow Whip Berry Tiny Treat & Mellow Whip Choco Chip Tiny Treat

  • Chocolate Lava Served with Cream or Ice Cream  Kshs.480/-
  • Baklava/Berry Cheese Cakes Served Cream or Ice Cream Kshs. 550/-

Enjoy Our Mouth Watering Desserts At Ocean Basket

Chocolate Lava Cake

Other desserts include: Yogi Berry, Choc Crunch and Ice Cream served with Decadent Chocolate Sauce

Starters At The Ocean Basket

Try out our amazing seafood starters with a range of flavours from our menu at the Ocean Basket.
You’ll Love It!
Here are some favourites recommendations
Halloumi & Panko Zuchini Fritters
Crumbed Prawns Tail & Calamari

Combo Meals At Ocean Basket

Bring your family and friends and enjoy the perfect delicious combo meals made with quality ingredients at the Ocean Basket. You will definitely come back for more.

Below are some of our favourite Combo Meals

Fish & Calamari
Dine At The Ocean Basket & Enjoy Our Delicious Combo Meals
Calamari & Prawns 
Dine At The Ocean Basket & Enjoy Our Delicious Combo Meals
Mussels & Prawns
Tantalizing Combo Meals At The Ocean Basket
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The Ocean Basket is a high-toned, garnish seafood restaurant located at The Westgate Mall. It is a favourite for seafood lovers and those curious to dive into it. The interior design of the restaurant is a stunning balance of luxury and minimalistic modernity. It is spacious and clean; the walls are artsy with designs related to seafood. The space is high ceilinged with a reclaimed wood beam lighting up the room, in addition to the natural light from the exterior. In addition to that, the atmosphere is suitable for both adults & children and also their staff are quite friendly.

Their dishes are freshly made to perfection and the portions are generous. The restaurant also has a wide range of drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Trust me the food is delicious and affordable!


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