Experience The Beauty Of Marsabit County Through Lake Turkana Cultural Festival

Reviving The Annual Lake Turkana Cultural Festival

The Northern part of Kenya, particularly Marsabit County is known for its diversity in niche tourism products, notably adventure tourism, sports, and cultural tourism. It is for this reason that the annual Lake Turkana Cultural Festival has always been held.

The festival, which is traditionally held in Loiyangalani, presents an opportunity to open up Northern Kenya to investment and access to unique experiences. Tourists have been known to enjoy experiences such as; desert camping, archaeological tourism, camel derbies, astrotourism, cultural tourism, bird watching, and cultural tourism. Furthermore, there is a major breeding ground for the Nile crocodiles on the shores of Lake Turkana that the tourists are able to enjoy.

While in a meeting with the representatives from the County Government of Marsabit, CS tourism, Penina Malonza expressed her commitment to working with the County Government of Marsabit and other partners to make the festival a success, in order to showcase the beauty of Marsabit.

The annual cultural festival will be coming back after a 4-year disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent drought, which wiped out an estimated 80% of livestock from locals and will be vital in supporting economic recovery and peacebuilding for communities in Marsabit and the surrounding areas.

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