Enjoy Family Holidays In Seychelles This November

Best Beaches In Seychelles For An Unforgettable Vacation

Discover Amazing Family Holiday Adventures In Seychelles This week we bring to you some amazing family holiday adventures in Seychelles. Seychelles is known for giant granite boulders guarding its beautiful beaches and the islands are surrounded by huge mountains carved from the giant rocks. Also, lush green moist forests rule this island. These rocks along with the forests present a perfect location for these activities. If you love adventure then Seychelles is the perfect holiday destination for you.

Below are some of the amazing adventures to have on a family holiday in Seychelles

Discover La Digue with a Seychelles’ local

The fourth largest Inner Island in Seychelles, La Digue isn’t very large at all. Which only makes it more fun to tour with kids, in the company of an expert local guide.

Bike or ox-drawn carts are the preferred modes of transport here. You can try all three methods on this tour which starts at the pretty island harbour and fits in plenty of time to explore quaint La Passe village.

Exciting Family Holiday Adventures In Seychelles
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Island Hopping

A walking tour of Curieuse Island National Marine Park lets kids meet the legendary Aldabra the giant tortoise, wander mangrove swamps, scout for giant crabs, and work up an appetite for a brilliant onboard BBQ lunch.

Then it’s off to delightful Isle St. Pierre for an afternoon of swimming and snorkelling in clear, clean waters packed with colourful marine life, and naturally warmed to a perfect temperature for long hours of exploring.

Spend The Day On A Traditional Seychelles’ Spice Plantation

Mini-botanists love touring the grounds here, the plants are a phenomenal spectacle of size, scent and colour. Lush doesn’t even begin to describe the atmosphere, and today’s conservation work is as fascinating as it is impressive.

Well-marked trails make for exciting exploring. And you can even taste spices since they’re inventively used in the excellent Le Jardin du Roi Restaurant: ideal for lunch after a morning adventuring.


This is one of the Seychelles activities that excite the visitor, is hiking in the capital city of Mahe Island. As most of the islands are made of granite rocks, which form the giant boulders guarding the Seychelles Sea and stand as a symbol of this archipelago, the middle of the islands are quite mountainous despite being surrounded by stunning white-sand beaches.

This mountainous region offers some very exciting hiking trails which are not too difficult to access, either by your rented car or a bus ride.

Explore The Beautiful Nature Walks & Trails In Seychelles

Kayak Tour

Kayaking is historically one of the earliest forms of paddling, with archaeological evidence suggesting highly developed craft were paddled by skilled hunter-fishermen as far back as 500 BC. In fact, Seychelles is the perfect sea kayaking destination because there are so many islands in close proximity to one another. By kayaking from island to island, kayakers are able to see lots of different landmarks and small and discover hidden coves that are not always accessible to the average tourist.

Exciting Family Holiday Adventures In Seychelles


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