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Fun Facts and Fascination: Exploring the Hermes Legacy

At Fragrance Lounge, we take immense pride in being Nairobi’s premier destination for designer fragrances, a place where luxury meets personal expression. Among our carefully curated collection, we proudly celebrate the timeless elegance and exceptional craftsmanship of Hermes, and its iconic fragrance, Twilly. In this article, we invite you to join us on a comprehensive journey through the fascinating world of Hermes, complete with informative and fun facts about the brand. We will then immerse ourselves in the captivating realm of Twilly and explore its delightful variations, all available at Fragrance Lounge.

Established in 1837 by Thierry Hermes, this Parisian fashion house has a heritage that spans over a century and a half. Hermes embodies a unique fusion of old-world craftsmanship and contemporary design, setting itself apart by not only the quality of its products but its unwavering commitment to innovation. The Hermes brand is a constant force, continuously pushing boundaries and redefining the meaning of luxury for generations to come.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the iconic Hermes Kelly bag was originally designed to be a saddle holder? Later, it was renamed in honor of the beautiful and fashionable Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco.

Unveiling the Fascination of Twilly by Hermes

Twilly by Hermes, named after the brand’s iconic Twilly scarves, is a fragrant masterpiece that encapsulates youthful elegance. Designed for the modern, free-spirited, and vibrant woman, Twilly captures the essence of individuality and spontaneity.

Twilly Eau Ginger:

Twilly Eau Ginger presents a delightful variation that accentuates the zesty and vibrant notes of ginger,magnolia, and cedar. The ginger note brings a refreshing, lively twist to the composition, making it a perfect choice for daytime wear during the spring and summer seasons. This variation, which made its debut in 2019, was crafted by Christine Nagel, the esteemed in-house perfumer of Hermes. Twilly Eau Ginger is an ideal companion for casual outings and social gatherings, exuding youthful energy and vivacity.

Twilly Eau Poivree:

Eau Poivree introduces an intense and spicy twist, featuring notes of pink peppercorn, rose, and patchouli. The pink peppercorn note adds a bold, fiery dimension to the fragrance, making it a perfect choice for evening events during the cooler months. Launched in 2018, this captivating variation was crafted by the legendary perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. Its spicy warmth and seductive charm make it an excellent choice for romantic dinners and special occasions.

Twilly d’Hermes: The Original:

The original Twilly features a classic blend of ginger, tuberose, and sandalwood. The ginger note provides vivacity, while tuberose adds a floral elegance, and sandalwood brings a sensual depth. Introduced in 2017, this timeless favorite was also crafted by Jean-Claude Ellena, capturing the essence of Hermes’ signature sophistication. Versatile and elegant, the original Twilly can be worn year-round and is suitable for both casual and formal events. It’s a fragrance that exudes both vibrancy and sophistication.

Ombre des Merveilles: An Enchanting Variation:

In the realm of Hermes fragrances, Ombre des Merveilles stands out as a truly enchanting variation. This fragrance was launched in 2012 and has since captured the hearts of many with its unique composition.

Ombre des Merveilles boasts notes of woody and oriental scents, with key ingredients including patchouli, tonka bean, and incense. This intriguing combination of notes provides a warm and earthy fragrance that is both comforting and mysterious. Ombre des Merveilles is versatile, making it suitable for all seasons and various occasions. Whether you choose to wear it to a sophisticated evening event or as an everyday scent, this Hermes creation envelops you in an aura of elegance and intrigue, making it an excellent addition to the Hermes collection available at Fragrance Lounge in Nairobi.

Twilly and Ombre des Merveilles have found their perfect home at Fragrance Lounge, where luxury, individuality, and personal expression converge. The enchanting allure of Twilly, with its delightful variations, is now within your reach. We invite you to embrace your unique self through the power of scent and carry a piece of Hermes’ timeless legacy with you.

Come and explore the captivating world of Hermes and Twilly at Fragrance Lounge, Nairobi. Here, we celebrate the fusion of elegance, innovation, and individuality in the world of fragrance. Whether you’re a long-time Hermes enthusiast or just embarking on your fragrant journey, we welcome you to experience the luxury and sophistication that is Hermes at Fragrance Lounge.


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