DT Dobie Introduces Locally Assembled Mercedes Benz Actros 3340 Truck

DT Dobie Unveils Locally Assembled Actros Truck Nairobi, 27 October 2022: DT Dobie has today introduced the locally assembled Mercedes Benz Actros 3340 truck into the Kenyan market. Built at the Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers (KVM) in Thika, the trucks are specifically customized for Kenyan roads and are tropicalized to consume the diesel sold in East Africa for optimal performance. The entry of locally assembled trucks comes at a time when the government has introduced a policy regulating the importation of second-hand trucks into the market. The Finance Act 2022, which became operational in July this year, exempts locally assembled vehicles from major taxes that are applicable on fully- built units imported from overseas markets and provides concessions to assemblers who qualify for the tax incentives by freeing them from a requirement compelling them to source at least 30 percent of spare parts locally. “Our local assembly program has brought new asset ownership within reach of more Kenyan businesses because it provides a cost-effective alternative to fully assembled imports. Sourcing vehicles locally also shortens the lead time for delivery of the products compared to importing which is prone to global geo- political and logistical challenges. Buyers also have the satisfaction of knowing that the units provide a longer period of operation before they reach the mileage of imported second-hand trucks, hence a higher return on investment’, said DT Dobie Managing Director Chris Ndala during the launch. “Mr. Ndala hailed that the fundamental Mercedes-Benz Actros attributes remain constant, such as best-in-class performance, resale value, reliability, durability, and unmatched aftersales support with Dt Dobie service centers in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret, and ongoing service camps countrywide. For Mercedes-Benz, reliability is not just a word but a tradition stretching back 120 years. The 3340 trucks are designed to withstand the harsh and tough conditions of our Kenyan/African environment. Additionally, DT Dobie now offers Mobility solutions for Mercedes-Benz Trucks with a full-service contract. Mobility solutions save the client from the cost of paying for a new truck and instead provide the operation of the vehicle for a fixed monthly cost over a given period and agreed distance.” The Actros 3340 is the ideal partner for the logistics, construction, mining, manufacturing, horticulture, and humanitarian services among other sectors, adding that it has an unrivaled global reputation for high efficiency, reliability, and fuel economy. Its maintenance system allows service intervals of up to 60,000 km. This is because it is based on the actual wear and tear, enabling the optimal utilization of all the operating fluids. The truck comes with a 16-speed automatic transmission for improved fuel consumption, telematics for monitoring the usage of the truck, L-cab for driver experience and comfort. Furthermore, the 3340 model is equipped with both air and steel suspension depending on the customer’s needs and preference. The Actros joins the growing range of locally assembled vehicles under the ambit of DT Dobie such as Hyundai trucks, and VW passenger vehicles. This is an affirmation of the company’s strategic commitment to promoting industrialization and job creation in Kenya. DT Dobie is the leading dealer of new German vehicles in Kenya.

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