Discover New Milkshake Flavours At Sno Sundae


Indulge In The Latest Milkshake Creations At Sno Sundae

At Sno Sundae, they transform milkshakes into an exciting adventure, constantly innovating to keep your taste buds thrilled. Their commitment to excellence drives them to create new, delightful flavours alongside their classic offerings. Whether you love the smooth richness of vanilla or the deep satisfaction of chocolate, there’s always something new to explore at Sno Sundae.

Their menu celebrates flavour diversity, featuring timeless favourites like vanilla and chocolate alongside newly crafted specialties. Their vanilla shakes, made with the finest vanilla beans, are rich and creamy, while their chocolate shakes offer everything from classic milk chocolate to decadent dark chocolate. Recently, they have introduced exciting new flavours, each designed to surprise and delight.

Stay updated with their latest creations by visiting them regularly and follow them on social media for exclusive updates and offers. At Sno Sundae, they aim to be your ultimate destination for sweetness and innovation, creating a welcoming atmosphere where every visit feels special.

Visit Sno Sundae today to discover your new favourite milkshake flavour and indulge your sweet tooth with their ever-evolving menu. Your next delicious adventure awaits!

You Can Find Us At Sarit City, Ground Floor

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