Did You Know? Executive Coaching Is Transforming the Kenyan Business Landscape

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Ever wondered what distinguishes successful Kenyan executives in the competitive business landscape? The answer may surprise you. While talent and experience are undoubtedly important, executive coaching plays a pivotal role in propelling Kenyan professionals to new heights. In this article, we’ll present intriguing facts and statistics that underscore the profound impact of executive coaching in Kenya and why you should consider registering for coaching services with Better People Consulting today.

Fact 1: A Remarkable Return on Investment

Were you aware that executive coaching can yield significant returns for individuals and Kenyan organizations alike? According to local business surveys, companies in Kenya investing in coaching can expect an average return of nearly six times the cost of coaching services. In practical terms, for every shilling spent on coaching, businesses witness a return of approximately six shillings through increased productivity and enhanced profitability.

Fact 2: Amplified Goal Achievement

Statistically, executives in Kenya who engage in coaching are significantly more likely to achieve their professional objectives. Research from local organizations indicates that individuals who undergo coaching have an 86% chance of realizing their goals, as opposed to a 39% chance for those without a coach.

Better People’s Insight: Our coaching approach is geared towards helping Kenyan professionals set, track, and attain their goals. By registering with us, you’re aligning yourself with a proven path to success in the unique Kenyan context.

Fact 3: Enhanced Kenyan Leadership Skills

Coaching substantially improves leadership skills, a vital asset for Kenyan executives. A local study found that executive coaching led to substantial enhancements in leadership effectiveness, with an average increase of 22%.

Better People’s Insight: Better People Coaching specializes in developing leadership skills tailored to the Kenyan business environment, guiding you to become a more effective and influential Kenyan leader.

Fact 4: Reduced Stress and Improved Well-being

Did you know that executive coaching isn’t solely about professional success? It also plays a critical role in reducing stress and enhancing overall well-being in the Kenyan context. According to a study by Kenyan business associations, 77% of coaching clients reported improved well-being, while 51% reported reduced stress levels.



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