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Dive Into Daily Libations At Sarova Panafric

At Sarova Panafric’s Flame Tree Restaurant, they believe that every day deserves a toast, which is why we proudly present their delightful “Drink of the Day” experience. Whether you’re winding down after a long day or simply in the mood for a refreshing sip, their expert mixologists have crafted a selection of exquisite wines and cocktails that cater to every palate.

Step into the welcoming ambiance of Flame Tree any day of the week and elevate your evening with their specially curated Drink of the Day. From tantalizing cocktails to elegant wines, our offerings are designed to complement your mood and enhance your unwinding experience.

Join us and indulge in a relaxed atmosphere where your every sip is a celebration. Embrace the charm of midweek or cap off the weekend with a libation crafted just for you. Whatever your mood, their Drink of the Day at Flame Tree promises an evening of leisure and enjoyment. Come, unwind, and let the flavours of the day take you on a delightful journey

For more information, reach us on +254 719 048 000 | +254 709 111 000


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