Cracking The Colour Code, A Review Of Surrounded By Idiots

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A Guide To Understanding Personality Types

Title: Surrounded by Idiots: The Four Types of Human Behaviour and How to Effectively Communicate with Each in Business (and in Life)

Author: Thomas Erikson

Place: Sweden

Publisher: St. Martin’s Publishing Group

Date of publication: June 2020


Surrounded by Idiots is a captivating exploration of human behaviour, written by the insightful Thomas Erikson. The premise of the book revolves around understanding the people around us. The author introduces a groundbreaking method that puts individuals into four key behaviour types: Reds (dominant and commanding), Yellows (social and optimistic), Greens (laid back and friendly), and Blues (analytical and precise).By recognizing someone’s behaviour pattern, we can enhance our communication and interactions. Instead of complex categorizations, Erikson simplifies it into a straightforward four-colour system. Whether dealing with coworkers, friends, or family, this book provides practical information on how to adapt your communication style based on each person’s profile. Erikson’s approach is practical, relatable, and applicable to various aspects of life.


Erikson’s method is both enlightening and engaging. By categorizing people into these four colours, he demystifies the complexities of human interaction.
Simplicity: Instead of drowning in personality theories, readers get a straightforward four-colour system. Reds are assertive leaders, Yellows are social optimists, Greens are friendly, and Blues are analytical.
Practicality: The book provides relatable examples, making it easy to recognize these behaviour patterns in ourselves and others. It’s like having a decoder for human interactions.
Communication Insights: By understanding someone’s dominant colour, we can tailor our communication style effectively. Whether you’re a manager, team member, or curious observer, this book offers valuable insights.

Why Read It?

Here’s why you should dive into Surrounded by Idiots:
Self-Awareness: Discover your dominant colour and gain insights into your behaviour.
Improved Relationships: Adapt your communication to connect better with others.
Team Dynamics: Enhance teamwork by appreciating different personalities.
Everyday Application: Whether at work, home, or social settings, this knowledge is a game-changer.

Enhance teamwork and collaboration: By appreciating different personalities, you can create more harmonious interactions.

Author’s Profile

Thomas Erikson is a renowned behaviourist with a passion for unraveling human behaviour. His writing style is accessible, making complex concepts easy to grasp. He aims to enhance self-awareness and improve communication. His works have been translated into multiple languages, impacting readers worldwide. Erikson’s passion for understanding people shines through in this book, making it a must-read for anyone curious about the colourful tapestry of human interactions.

Other notable works by Thomas Erikson include:

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Surrounded by Narcissists: How to Effectively Recognize, Avoid, and Defend Yourself Against Toxic People (and Not Lose Your Mind): Erikson explores narcissistic behaviour and offers practical advice on dealing with such individuals.

Surrounded by Bad Bosses (And Lazy Employees): How to Stop Struggling, Start Succeeding, and Deal with Idiots at Work: This book focuses on navigating challenging workplace dynamics and handling difficult bosses and colleagues.

Surrounded by Setbacks: Turning Obstacles into Success: Erikson provides insights on overcoming setbacks and transforming challenges into opportunities for growth.

Surrounded by Energy Vampires: How to Slay the Time, Joy, and Soul Suckers in Your Life: In this book, Erikson discusses identifying and dealing with energy-draining people.

Surrounded By Liars: How to Stop Struggling, Start Succeeding, and deal with idiots at Work.

The book is found in all the leading bookshops and on online books sites.

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