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Anticipation in the Air: Unwrapping the Week of Italian Cuisine

In the heart of Gigiri, the Embassy of Italy in Kenya welcomed enthusiasts to a culinary odyssey today, marking the inauguration of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World. The clock struck 09:30 am, signaling the beginning of a week-long celebration of Italy’s rich gastronomic heritage.

Hosted at the Embassy, the launch event blended diplomatic elegance with the promise of flavorful encounters. Attendees eagerly anticipate a feast for the senses, from traditional Italian classics to contemporary twists.

“Italian cuisine is built on twofold pillars: for the products, as originating from excellent knowledge and respect for nature and biodiversity; for the processes, entailing artisanship, training and a touch of the Italian “joy of life”. In our tradition, high quality and unique ingredients are wisely harmonised into centuries-old recipes, which are still followed by generations of artisans across the whole Country. Therefore, our modern food industry is characterised by a great balance of scientific research, education and technological innovation combined with food and process certification and appropriate labelling”, mentioned the Ambassador of Italy to Kenya, H. E. Roberto Natali.

Nairobi and the captivating Kenyan coast are set to host a series of pivotal events across carefully selected venues, ensuring that both food enthusiasts and the general public can immerse their taste buds in the finest offerings of Italian cuisine. Headlining the week as our distinguished guest is Chef Luca Mastromattei, a renowned figure in the culinary world, serving as the Ambassador of Italian Taste worldwide and a distinguished Michelin Guide Chef.

The event program spans a diverse range of activities, from enlightening scientific talks to engaging social gatherings, with a particular emphasis on spreading awareness about authentic Italian products. At the forefront of this initiative is the inaugural edition of “A Taste of Italy” magazine, designed to guide the public in identifying genuine “Made in Italy” ingredients and recipes.

The celebration of Italian specialties extends further with a distinctive mobile exhibition titled “#ItalianTaste” aboard an electric bus traversing Nairobi. Through a user-friendly QR code system, attendees will have an interactive experience, gaining insights into the essence of Italian gastronomy while on the move.

As the launch event concluded, the aroma of promised bitings lingered, leaving attendees with a taste of what the coming week holds. We’re thrilled to be part of this celebration and can’t wait to share the flavorful journey ahead.

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