Choose The Perfect Frames For Yourself With Eyeris

Choosing The Perfect Frames

At Eyeris, we believe we can find the eyewear to fit everyone. No matter your nose profile, face shape or size, we strive to offer the perfect solution without compromising comfort or style.

Here are some tips on what frame suits what face shape.

The oval face:

Almost any type is suitable and is therefore perhaps the easiest to suit when selecting spectacles.



The round face:

The illusion of a slimmer face is created if round styles are avoided. Choose frames that are distinctive; almost square and with high temples and up-swept ‘cat-eye’ styles.


The heart-shaped/triangular face

Go for frames with strong vertical lines or fine slender styles that avoid emphasizing a broad forehead.


The square face:

Try soft rounded or oval. Avoid very small and insignificant styles as they will only emphasize the squareness.


The long face:

Try wide, large-frame glasses to enhance the width of the face.


Consider colors that suit your skin tone. Your skin tone influences which frames appear best, it is sometimes more important to consider than your facial shape. Skin tone determines the style of high fashion frames more so than hair color or eye color.

Skin Tone: Warm You have a warm complexion if your skin has a yellow, bronze, or golden hue. Avoid using contrasting hues, such as pastels. Black and white frames are very unattractive. Instead, light tortoise, brown tones, gold or honey, beige, and olive green are the ideal frame colors for you.

Skin Tone: Cool You have a cool complexion of pink or blue undertones that can be seen on your skin. Reach for frames in silver, black, dark tortoise, pink, purple, blue, mauve, and grey instead of colors that bleach you out.

What Lifestyle Do You Lead? Every lifestyle can find a pair of glasses! Consider the things you’ll be doing while wearing your glasses. Do you need frames that can twist and flex without breaking, if you’re an active person. Do you require gaming glasses? Gamers have access to a large variety of fashionable frames that improve the gaming experience. You can accessorize your commercial acumen with practical style to win over the office power players. You can select eyeglasses from Eyeris that are functional for your way of living.

Today, the way we frame our eyes has become more of a fashion, beauty and personality statement rather than purely a functional need to see more clearly.

There are two basic types of frames: Plastics and metals.

Plastic frames are comfortable, durable and are priced at levels to suit every pocket. Metal frames such as titanium and stainless steel are durable, flexible, lightweight, and do not cause a reaction with the skin. “Cheap frames” are not always the best option just because they are cheap. These usually contain a high percentage of copper and nickel which can react with the skin and may not be repairable once they fall apart. Cheap is expensive, so always go for quality, comfort and durability. Also, look for silicone nose pads that help prevent slipping and are extremely comfortable to wear.

Ensure you see a well-qualified optometrist who can advise you on suitable frames and the latest advances in lens technology.


Eyeris The Optometrists

EYERIS always aims at exceeding expectations. When you become a patient of this practice, the health of your eyes will be their first concern, the second being to get the best possible visual performance for all your lifestyle needs.

Meet The Team

With a team of optometrists and dispensing opticians who specialize in visual correction and thorough care of the eyes, Eyeris has the latest techniques and equipment used in examining and safeguarding one’s sight.


Vision and Style being their driving words, EYERIS is committed to setting a standard of excellence. The practice prides itself with the latest advances in eye health care practices having an array of the most up-to-date vision care technology.

Some of the services and products include routine eye examinations for persons of all ages; thorough retinal examination using advanced technology; dispensing of spectacles by professionals who will advise you on the choice of the frame with comfort and cosmesis in mind; designer and budget eyewear; contact lens fitting, including specialized lenses for astigmatism and keratoconus and low visual aids.

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