Chefs Delight Awards at MKTE 2022 with Serena Hotels

Serena Hotels Showcased at The Magical Kenya Travel Expo 2022 Chefs Delight Awards programme which has been running since 2012 participated at the Magical Kenya Travel Expo 2022 for the 5th year running. One of the mandates of the Chefs Delight programme is to promote Gastro & Culinary Tourism. The organisers of the programme International Quality Awards Ltd invited partner hotels & restaurants to participate and showcase what they had to offer to the tourism sector. During an interview with the founder, Mr Mansoor Jiwani said “Cuisine is at the core of the traveller’s experience and a visitor must try out the different cuisines found in each country during their visits. Kenya is a melting pot of different cultures and cuisines and we meet international standards within our hospitality sector. However, it is important to continuously raise standards in the industry, thus Chefs Delight Awards programme was initiated to do just that and create competition amongst chefs and restaurant teams to compete to be the best in their cuisine category. The programme is centred around diners’ who vote for the restaurant after a dining experience on the presentation, taste and overall quality of the meal as well as  grade the restaurant for its ambience, service and menu selection.” One of the Chefs Delight Awards partner hotels that participated was the Nairobi Serena Hotels which have four restaurants and a bar. Cafe Maghreb, Mandhari, Aksum, H&S and Askum Bar. Each restaurant has unique cuisine and concept. Cafe Maghreb has weekly themes and Friday is very popular with its seafood barbeque.

The MKTE 2022 took place from the 5th to the 7th of October 2022 and was attended by thousands of visitors mainly from the tourism sector. Chefs Delight Awards Station was the only experiential area at the expo.

Here are some Sharing Moments at the Chefs Delight Awards stand with Go Places who was the official Media Partner of MKTE 2022.

Sharing moments with Serena Hotels Certificate Presentation


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