ALS Limited Dominates the East African Classic Rally with Ford Escorts and Porsche 911


ALS Limited’s Dynamic Trio Shines in Classic Rally

In a thrilling display of skill, determination, and automotive prowess, ALS Limited made a resounding impact at the East African Classic Rally. The rally, which commenced in Vipingo and was ceremoniously flagged off by none other than Najib Balala, saw three formidable entries from ALS Motorsport – two powerful Ford Escorts and a sleek Porsche 911.

ALS Team Lineup:

1. Aslam Khan and Arshad Khan:
– Chairman Aslam Khan took the wheel with his brother Arshad Khan co-driving. Their synchronized efforts and seasoned experience brought a unique dynamic to the rally, showcasing the strength of family bonds on and off the track.

2. Shakeel Khan and Assad Mughal:
– CEO Shakeel Khan, embodying leadership on and off the asphalt, teamed up with co-driver Assad Mughal. Their commitment to excellence was evident as they navigated the challenging terrains with precision.

3. Farhaz Khan and Keith Henrie:
– Farhaz Khan, demonstrating his versatility, joined forces with co-driver Keith Henrie to form a dynamic duo. Their collaboration exemplified the spirit of teamwork essential for success in motorsport.

ALS Motorsport Legacy:

With a rich history spanning several years, ALS Motorsport has been a formidable force in the industry, consistently pushing boundaries and setting new standards. Their commitment to excellence, paired with an unwavering passion for motorsport, has firmly established ALS Limited as a name synonymous with success on the track.

Rally Highlights:

The East African Classic Rally, known for its demanding tracks and challenging conditions, proved to be an ideal stage for ALS Motorsport to showcase their prowess. The rally’s kickoff in Vipingo set the tone for an exhilarating competition, with ALS Limited’s three entries successfully qualifying for the fourth leg.

Wishing ALS Limited All the Best:

As the ALS team advances to the next stage of the rally, we extend our heartfelt best wishes for continued success.

In the heart of the East African Classic Rally, ALS Limited has once again proven that they are not just participants but contenders for victory.  Here’s to ALS Limited – a driving force in the world of classic rallying. Go ALS!

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