AirKenya In Uganda: Keeping East Africa Connected

The peak season for travel is a crucial time for airlines to showcase their reliability and commitment to keeping regions connected. In a remarkable display of unity and support, we recently extended a helping hand to our sister company, Aerolink Uganda. With a common goal of connecting East Africa, AirKenya deployed one of its Twin Otter aircraft to assist Aerolink Uganda in their operations at Entebbe for two days. This collaboration not only highlights the strong bond between the two airlines but also underscores our commitment to serving the region.

Being prominent players in the East African aviation industry, we have established ourselves as reliable partners in connecting the region, providing essential air transportation services to both locals and tourists. This recent partnership exemplifies our dedication to supporting one another during times of increased demand.

During this peak season, Aerolink Uganda faced a surge in passenger traffic at Entebbe International Airport. To ensure smooth operations and maintain their high standards of service, AirKenya stepped in by deploying 5Y-BIO to Uganda for two days. The Twin Otter is a versatile and reliable aircraft, known for its short takeoff and landing capabilities, making it ideal for operating in various terrains.

AirKenya’s support to Aerolink Uganda during the peak season exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and solidarity within the East African aviation industry. Both airlines have proven themselves as reliable partners, dedicated to keeping East Africa connected. As travelers explore the region’s breathtaking landscapes and diverse cultures, they can rely on AirKenya and Aerolink Uganda to provide seamless air transportation services. This inspiring collaboration not only strengthens the bond between the two airlines but also reinforces their commitment to connecting East Africa and fostering regional growth.


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