AirKenya, Among Top Ten Most Loved Airlines In The World

According to a recent study done by S Money, Airkenya ranked no. 9 among the world’s most loved airlines globally in terms of positive sentiments expressed on social media platform, Twitter.

On a country level, the study revealed that AirKenya is the most loved airline in Kenya, while its subsidiary, AeroLink Uganda, is the most loved airline in Uganda.

To ensure they included only the most relevant airlines in their analysis, S Money focused on major companies operating scheduled flights and excluded charter, cargo, military, research, government, and defunct airlines.

They then collected the official Twitter handles of all qualifying airlines and pulled up to 4000 English- language tweets that mentioned them or their handles. To ensure they had enough data to draw meaningful conclusions, they excluded any airline with less than 100 mentions (tweets) in total.

Next, they analyzed all tweets using an AI sentiment tool that attributes either a positive or negative score. To minimize the impact of bots and frequently posting accounts, they limited their analysis to 10 tweets per username.

Using the sentiment analysis tool, they calculated the percentage of positive and negative tweets for each airline in every country and continent. The airline with the highest percentage of positive tweets was labeled as the Most Loved, while the one with the highest percentage of negative tweets was labeled as the Most Hated.

All data for their study was collected in December 2022.

AirKenya and AeroLink Uganda are proud of this global recognition and thank you for your support and patronage.


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