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Catering With Class. NSG’s Commitment To Culinary Excellence

At Non Solo Gelato, our mission for catering services is to extend the same exceptional dining experience that defines our restaurant to your special occasions. We aspire to bring our carefully curated menu and commitment to quality to your events, be it weddings, corporate gatherings, or any celebration.

Our team strives to exceed your expectations, offering diverse culinary options to accommodate various tastes and dietary preferences. With a dedication to professionalism and attention to detail, we aim to create memorable moments through our catering services, ensuring that every bite and sip reflects the same excellence that defines the NSG dining experience.

Our catering services are meticulously designed to elevate a wide range of events, ensuring your guests relish remarkable flavors and impeccable service.

We offer a diverse array of options, including vegetarian and vegan choices, ethnic cuisine specialties, delectable desserts, and a variety of beverages. We also provide boxed lunches for outdoor events and holiday-themed catering, complete with setup and a dedicated service team!


Non Solo Gelatos professional catering team comprises a diverse and skilled ensemble, ranging from pro baristas to seasoned waiters. We believe in delivering sheer excellence at every event. Our baristas craft artisanal coffee creations, while our waiters provide impeccable service with meticulous attention to detail. With a commitment to exceptional food and flawless service, we’re always ready to go the extra mile to ensure your events are nothing short of spectacular. Your guests will leave delighted, savoring the expertise and professionalism of our team.


For catering inquiries contact: 0114078336

Email: info@nonsologelato.co.ke


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