A Pivotal Evening Of Conservation At Sankara

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A Night Of Commitment, Conservation, And Collective Action

On a serene evening of March 21, 2024, beneath the enchanting skies of Nairobi, an alliance was forged between nature and humanity. Sankara Nairobi’s Woodvale Garden buzzed with anticipation as distinguished guests from Kenya’s private sector gathered for an inaugural dinner that would mark a pivotal moment in conservation efforts. Hosted by WWF-Kenya and Sankara Nairobi under the theme “Safe for Nature, Safe for People,” this event epitomized the synergy of collective effort aimed at climate action, landscape restoration, and resolving wildlife conflicts.

The air was thick with purpose as CEOs, conservationists, and community leaders mingled, their conversations dominant with words of commitment. They shared stories of triumphs and challenges, their voices echoing the urgency of safeguarding Kenya’s natural heritage.

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Photos Courtesy of Sankara & WWF – Kenya

As the stars adorned the night sky, reflecting the luminous aspirations of a nation committed to safeguarding its natural heritage, pledges were made; promises to locally-led actions that would echo through generations. The Safe for Nature, Safe for People initiative not only marked an evening where alliances were forged but also heralded a future where nature and people coexist in harmonious splendor. Every handshake, every commitment made that night underlined an unwavering pledge to a greener tomorrow – echoing WWF’s enduring ethos of conserving nature’s majesty for present and future generations.

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