A Kaleidoscope Of Travel, Dining, And Entertainment Delights

Reflecting On A Week Of Diverse Discoveries

As we bid farewell to another week at Go Places Digital, our journey through diverse realms leaves us inspired and enriched. We begin unveiling an outstanding beachfront villa, Watano House. In the travel category, we embarked on adventures with Ashnil Hotels, indulged in the luxury of Ethiopian Airlines’ Business Class, their ShebaSkyConnect, learn about their loyalty benefits with ShebaMiles, and explored the wonders of Nasikia Tanzania, Lake Elementaita Serena, Serena Beach Resort, Kilaguni Serena. From the captivating landscapes of Nyange Adventures or Nkuringo, to the soaring heights with Fly ALS and Airkenya, our travel escapades were nothing short of extraordinary.

In the world of exquisite dining, Nairouwa, Azteca Restaurant and Rozinas tantalized our taste buds, while Nairobi Serena and Sarova prepared us for festive feasts with Christmas Eve Dinner and Christmas Brunch. Nairowua and Soys Limited added unique flavors to our culinary journey.

Entertainment took center stage with the heartwarming Act Of Love Film, the vibrant scenes at Mega Kisumu, and the cinematic delights of Century Cinemax across Junction Mall, Two Rivers Mall, Garden City Mall, and Sarit Centre.

Our weekly features in Lifestyle, Business, Technology, Cocktail of The Week, Go Places Digital Marketing, Upcoming Events, and Book Review continued to captivate our readers. We delved into the worlds of Better People Consulting, Ecoflow, Fragrance Lounge, and House of Gems, celebrating the diversity of lifestyle choices.

In the hospitality realm, EAGM Group shone as a beacon of excellence, while we recapped memorable moments with IDS Next, witnessed the IHTI Graduation, celebrated the launch of Nairowua, and reveled in the vibrant spirit of the Lamu Festival.

As we embrace the festive season, we extend heartfelt wishes for joy, peace, and unforgettable moments. May the spirit of the holidays fill your hearts with warmth and laughter. From all of us at Go Places Digital, here’s to a season of celebrations and a new year filled with exciting discoveries!

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Happy Labour Day 2021

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